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Midnight Cries

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So high
Above the waving treetops,
Above the teeming sky-
We speak a Word
Side by side
Upon the rugged world-back,
Beyond the sun and tide-
This voice is heard . . .
We are traveling together
With our tails in the wind
We are voyaging together,
We are sun-redeemed and warm.
Long now
We have danced within the forest.
Looking only straight ahead-
Lacking but the Word.
Soon, though,
We will understand the meaning
In our whiskers and our bones-
Now that we have heard."

excerpt from "Tailchaser's Song"
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Who wakes in the wilderness when night is done
Fancying himself lord of all the land
May see what was not there at the set of sun
And tremblingly will come to understand
The peril that has passed him in the dark-
Tracks . . . in the sand.
Archibald Rutledge


lone wolf
"A day will come, above the mound
No light will shine upon the ground-
And from the deep where Old Ones sleep
Our Folk will creep without a sound. . . .

No more to hide and wait for night
No more to shun the hot daylight
The sun will die
And you and I
Will upward fly
To hunt and bite.

The Sun, the Sun the Sun will die
And dying slip from out the sky
And in the black we will take back
All that we lack, the Sun will die."

excerpt from "Tailchaser's Song"

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Midnight Cries



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